The National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP) led by its President, LtGen Ferdinand M Cartujano PAF (Ret), held its New Year’s Call on 15 January 2024 at the NDCP Lobby, Camp Aguinaldo.
In his remarks, LtGen Cartujano acknowledged the hard work and unwavering dedication of the entire NDCP family that allowed them to achieve its institutional goals in 2023. He then reminded everyone to maintain the harmonious relationship among the men and women of NDCP to further explore capabilities in pursuit of the main mandate of the College to enrich policy conversations and shape the agenda of our decision-makers on defense and security issues.
He urged the NDCP to remember the three thrusts of his college leadership: First, Institutionalization, which encourages the NDCP to ensure that its best practices will be institutionalized through sound quality management and strategic planning.
Second, Expansion, through building and maintaining a robust network with academic and research institutions, think tanks, and even individual subject matter experts for the NDCP to maintain its relevance in the defense community.
Lastly, Self-Development through a career development plan that would explore ways by which NDCP can prepare each personnel for the next higher position.
He concluded his remarks by proposing a toast for a better year “as we work for the Filipino people to whom we owe our individual dedication and loyalty, and as well as our families who sacrificed the same way we do.”
Director Dinna Anna Lee L Cartujano of DND, NDCP Personnel, MNSA RC 59 students, and the MNSA SE 2 Vice President, Dr Brian Daniel Poe Llamanzares, graced the event.
By Ms Hillary Anne S Atondo, Defense Research Officer I