The President of the National Defense College of the Philippines, Lieutenant General Ferdinand M. Cartujano PAF (Ret), hosted the Master in National Security Administration Regular Class (MNSA RC-57)’S Graduation Dinner at the Armed Forces of the Philippines Commissioned Officers Country (AFPCOC) on 13 September 2022 with the theme of “Hollywood Red Carpet.”
President Cartujano and wife, Director IV of the DND Office for Human Resource Dinna Anna Lee L. Cartujano, welcomed MNSA RC-57 students and guests led by the Class President, Captain Luidegar C. Casis PN.
In this occasion, the members of RC-57 and their invited special guests celebrated their achievements in the past almost eleven months through the pinning ceremony and awarding of certificates of recognition.
In his keynote speech, President Cartujano underscored the significance of the graduation dinner beyond just being a formal celebration of scholastic achievements but also most especially as NDCP’s way of honoring the support and sacrifices of the students’ loved ones in the course of their MNSA journey.
A graduation toast led by the President for all students, faculty, and special guests marked the end of the occasion.