The sixty-four (64) graduating scholars of Master in National Security Administration Regular Course 57 (MNSA RC-57) held their Interfaith Thanksgiving Ceremony last 13 September 2022 at the NDCP Auditorium leading to their Conferment Ceremony on 14 September 2022. The ceremony aimed to unite NDCP officials, faculty, students, and staff as one community to celebrate blessings, express gratitude, and offer praises across different faiths.
Faith leaders representing Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, and Roman Catholicism led the prayer and thanksgiving messages. During the occasion, RC-57 scholars from allied countries, the class president, representatives from AFP primary services, national and local government agencies, a constitutional commission, and the private sector shared heartfelt thanksgiving messages. The scholars took their graduation pledge in the same spirit of honesty, honor, and love for God’s Word.
In his closing message, the NDCP President, Lieutenant General Ferdinand M. Cartujano PAF (Ret), encouraged everyone to find quiet spaces of comfort and meditation, reflect and be mindful of God’s goodness and faithfulness through the years, and continue to be grateful for all the blessings.